Helpful Things For Senior Citizens


Living an independent life is something that many people have the pleasure of doing. There is no greater feeling than having the ability to take care of yourself without having to call on loved ones to assist with anything. However, it is natural for all or a portion of independence to be lost after becoming a senior system. The reason why is because the body begins to fall into bad shape, which sometimes happens sooner for some senior systems than others.

12 November 2018

Keys To Relaxing When You Get A Chair Massage At The Airport


If you've never had a chair massage, one of the common places that you can find this service being offered is at the airport. Whether you're at the airport in advance of a flight or you're looking for ways to spend time during a long layover, getting a massage is one of your best choices. Not only will you get your muscles loosened up for the cramped flight ahead, but you'll also get a chance to unwind a little and reduce any tension that you may have in your body.

19 July 2017

Is Prenatal Genetic Screening Right for You?


For first-time mothers, prenatal doctor's visits can sometimes seem like an overwhelming blur. There's so much information to absorb and so many decisions to make during the pregnancy and once the baby is born. One of the first medical decisions you'll have to make for your child is what kind of testing you want done while you're pregnant. Genetic screening is offered by most obstetricians, and it can be controversial in some circles.

11 July 2016

Ideas For Treating Your Metatarsalgia


When you are experiencing chronic pain in your feet when walking or exercising, you may wonder what you can do to improve your situation. After a trip to your podiatrist and an analysis of your symptoms, you are likely both relieved and confused when you receive a diagnosis of metatarsalgia. Before you worry that this condition will never improve, get to know some of the treatment options available to you for your metatarsalgia and get started in your journey to feeling better and being able to work out and walk without foot pain.

17 December 2015

Understanding Uterus Didelphys And Its Effect On Pregnancy


Uterus didelphys is a rare anomaly where a woman has a double uterus due to the tubes that typically merge together in utero not forming one uterine cavity. A woman with uterus didelphys may have two uteri, one cervix and one vagina, two uteri, a cervix for each uterus, and one vagina, or two uteri, a cervix for each uterus, and a double vagina. It is possible for this condition not to be recognized, as sexual intercourse is usually not affected, and some women have no problems conceiving, carrying a baby to term, and delivering the child vaginally.

29 August 2015

Can You Change How Your Foot Hits The Ground When You Walk?


Are you trying to walk more for exercise? If so, you might have noticed an odd wear pattern on the heels of your shoes. You should expect the back of the heel to wear down, but you might see the worn spot on the left or right of the heel, rather than in the center. These off-kilter patterns mean your feet either supinate or pronate, rather than resting in a neutral position.

13 August 2015

3 Things You Think You Know About Your Eyes


Out of all five senses, many people value their sight the most. It allows them to see the world around them and take in the beauty and splendor the universe has to offer. As important as your sight is, many people neglect the importance of going in for an eye exam. They tend to put it off for one reason or another. With sight being so important, you would think people would go in and get their eyes checked on a regular basis.

1 August 2015

Making Your Loved One's Funeral A Celebration Of Life


When your loved one passes on, no matter if it is expected or not, the loss and grief you feel in unprecedented. And while you are saddened by the loss, this does not mean that you want their funeral to be a sad and somber occasion. In fact, it could mean quite the opposite. When you begin the funeral planning process for your recently deceased loved one through a company like Lawry Brothers Funeral Home, you want to honor their life and ensure that the final event in their honor is a celebration of their life and the impact they had on the lives of those who loved them, rather than a mournful goodbye.

17 February 2015

Learn The Distinct Advantages Of Mirrored Prescription Sunglasses


Prescription sunglasses are convenient and allow you to wear stylish frames rather than clipping shades over your specs. When you go to your optometrist for your next appointment and order prescription sunglasses in addition to your regular eyeglasses, consider getting mirrored shades. With these glasses, a mirrored coating is applied to the tinted lenses. They have some distinct advantages over other types. Additional UV Light Reduction The main reasons people usually wear sunglasses are to see more easily in sunshine and to increase comfort.

13 October 2014

How Does LASIK Surgery Correct Your Vision?


If you are tired of wearing your glasses you have some options. One of them is to wear contact lenses. But you may not want to do that either. Another option is to go with something like LASIK surgery. After having that surgery, you likely won't need your glasses at all.  What Is LASIK Surgery? LASIK is a laser surgery for your eye. It reshapes your cornea, changing your vision. For most people the surgery is successful enough that they don't have to wear glasses anymore.

11 October 2014