Making Your Loved One's Funeral A Celebration Of Life


When your loved one passes on, no matter if it is expected or not, the loss and grief you feel in unprecedented. And while you are saddened by the loss, this does not mean that you want their funeral to be a sad and somber occasion. In fact, it could mean quite the opposite. When you begin the funeral planning process for your recently deceased loved one through a company like Lawry Brothers Funeral Home, you want to honor their life and ensure that the final event in their honor is a celebration of their life and the impact they had on the lives of those who loved them, rather than a mournful goodbye. So, get to know some of the ways that your loved one's funeral could be turned into a celebration of life.

Choose The Music Carefully

First and foremost, the music traditionally played at funerals, while comforting, is also sad and lamenting. While this is fine for a standard funeral, when your goal is a celebration of life and love, this simply will not do. 

So, think carefully about your loved one. Try to remember their favorite singers, bands, and songs. Compile a brainstorming list, and then select appropriate songs from that list that you can have played at the ceremony and the wake afterwards.

Remember that the most important song you choose will be the last song played at the funeral ceremony, so be sure to focus on that song when you make your choices, and use the song that reminds you most of your loved one in that position of the lineup.

Choose The Person To Deliver The Eulogy Carefully

The eulogy is another important and memorable moment in any funeral. So, when funeral planning for your loved one, you will need to select a person to deliver the eulogy that understands the celebration of life idea and who can keep their words touching, respectful, and light-hearted.

A eulogy that highlights the best of the person who passed is vital in celebrating their life. Additionally, throwing in some funny stories about the loved one will help people to remember them fondly and break the sad and somber tone that any funeral tends to take on. Remembering the good times filled with laughter and silliness will help you to keep a positive and happy image of your loved one in your mind always.

Encourage People To Speak

At many funerals, people are invited to the front to say a few last words after the eulogy, but few do so. At a celebration of life, you should encourage people to do so and to tell their favorite story or moment they shared with your loved one.

To get people to do so, you should talk to close friends and family ahead of time and ask them to prepare a story ahead of time for the occasion. If they come prepared, they are more likely to feel comfortable standing up and speaking.

While the loss of a loved one is never easy, the funeral you plan for them should be a representation of the best of them. A celebration of life will help you to remember your loved one in the most positive manner possible and will help you and others who loved them to focus on the joy they brought to your life rather than the sorrow of their loss.  


17 February 2015