Tips To Help Runners Prevent Common Foot Injuries

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Running everyday allows you to build up endurance and can reduce your risks of developing foot injuries; however, even if you run daily, it is when you start to increase your mileage that you increase your risk of foot injuries, like plantar fasciitis. There are three foot injuries that are common among runners, so it is important to know what runners can do if they develop them along with tips on how to prevent foot injuries.

26 November 2014

3 Critical Steps To Take When Dealing With A Drug Addiction

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One of the most difficult things to deal with is a drug addiction. No matter what you do, you may need a drug in order to help you cope throughout the day. In order to deal with an addiction like this, these steps can be done. Manage Triggers It's important to stay away from people who act as a trigger for your addiction. Surround yourself with people who are going to support your sobriety, such as your family and closest friends.

25 November 2014

5 Habits that May Contribute to Childhood Obesity

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Childhood obesity has become more and more prevalent over the last two decades. Studies show that children who are overweight may develop serious health problems as they grow older. In addition to affecting a child's physical well-being, obesity may also affect his or her psychological health and self-esteem. Here are a few bad habits that could be contributing to weight gain in your child: 1. Snacking In Front of the TV

15 October 2014

Why You Should Rent A Wheelchair For Your Theme Park Visit

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Have you recently sprained or broken your foot? If so, visiting a theme park on a set of crutches can be very difficult, as this will require more work, which can make you feel a bit fatigue shortly after arriving to the park. Well, rather than deal with crutches, you may want to consider renting a wheelchair for your trip. There are many benefits to renting a wheelchair for your theme park visit as you can:

14 October 2014

Learn The Distinct Advantages Of Mirrored Prescription Sunglasses


Prescription sunglasses are convenient and allow you to wear stylish frames rather than clipping shades over your specs. When you go to your optometrist for your next appointment and order prescription sunglasses in addition to your regular eyeglasses, consider getting mirrored shades. With these glasses, a mirrored coating is applied to the tinted lenses. They have some distinct advantages over other types. Additional UV Light Reduction The main reasons people usually wear sunglasses are to see more easily in sunshine and to increase comfort.

13 October 2014

How Does LASIK Surgery Correct Your Vision?


If you are tired of wearing your glasses you have some options. One of them is to wear contact lenses. But you may not want to do that either. Another option is to go with something like LASIK surgery. After having that surgery, you likely won't need your glasses at all.  What Is LASIK Surgery? LASIK is a laser surgery for your eye. It reshapes your cornea, changing your vision. For most people the surgery is successful enough that they don't have to wear glasses anymore.

11 October 2014

Cataract Prevention: Are You Wearing Sunglasses?


As a general rule, cataracts form as a result of natural aging and are commonly a problem in men and women over 60 years of age. The eye lens becomes cloudy and will cause your vision to be a bit blurry. It will start to impact your ability to drive, read, watch TV and perform other daily tasks. Over time, the cloudiness of the lens will continue to worsen if you leave it untreated.

9 October 2014

Chiropractic Adjustments For TMJ Disorders

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Your temporomandibular joint, more commonly known as the TMJ, can cause you severe pain when you talk, chew or even breathe. This shouldn't happen normally, but if your spine is out of alignment or you have widespread arthritis, you could have discomfort with the even the slightest jaw movement. If you have chronic jaw pain, you'll need to visit your dentist to get a thorough exam and proper diagnosis. Once he or she determines that you have a TMJ disorder, you'll have several treatment options -- from medications to bite guards -- to help minimize your discomfort.

8 October 2014

Four Types Of Senior Care You Should Know About For Loved Ones With Memory Loss

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When you have a loved one facing memory loss, there are several immediate options for care that you may consider. These options are generally basic alternatives that help with the memory loss alone and may not meet other needs. They may also stop if the memory loss progresses. If you are concerned about the type of memory loss care your loved one needs, consider these four senior care options. Home Health Care

7 October 2014

Alternative Medicine: How To Fight The Common Cold

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When it comes to the common cold, sometimes it seems like you just can't win. You take over-the-counter cough medicine, suck on throat lozenges, go through a thousand facial tissues, and you feel absolutely no relief.  Rather than give up and succumb to the misery that is the common cold, there are several alternative medicine options that you can utilize in order to treat the symptoms making you miserable. All you have to do is know your options and then go about the business of feeling better.

7 October 2014