Alternative Medicine: How To Fight The Common Cold

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When it comes to the common cold, sometimes it seems like you just can't win. You take over-the-counter cough medicine, suck on throat lozenges, go through a thousand facial tissues, and you feel absolutely no relief.  Rather than give up and succumb to the misery that is the common cold, there are several alternative medicine options that you can utilize in order to treat the symptoms making you miserable. All you have to do is know your options and then go about the business of feeling better.

Chiropractic Care

You wouldn't think that going to the chiropractor would have anything to do with the cold you just can't get rid of. However, chiropractic care from Advantage Chiropractic can help you fight the common cold and even prevent you from getting more colds in the future.

Chiropractors are highly trained in treating the human nervous system. As you may know, the nervous system is in charge of transmitting messages from the brain to the rest of the body, including your immune system.

A weakened immune system is what makes you susceptible to catching a cold, and what makes it linger longer once you have one. Through chiropractic spinal manipulations, your chiropractor will get your spine back into place, allowing your nervous system to work efficiently and properly.

Thus, chiropractic care can help get your immune system back on track, getting that cold out of your system and helping your immune system keep you healthy going forward.


Another alternative treatment that you wouldn't think is helpful in treating the common cold is acupuncture. However, it can also be quite effective.

Acupuncture is an ancient treatment that involves inserting small needles into certain energy points throughout the body to stimulate your body into functioning better and more efficiently. So, by visiting an acupuncturist for the common cold, you can get the energy flowing throughout your body, stimulating your immune system.


Sometimes you just don't want to leave your home when you are suffering the worst of your cold symptoms. One thing you can do without having to leave the house is to eat some honey.

You can either just eat a small spoonful of honey or add it to a nice cup of tea. Either way, honey is an extremely potent natural anti-inflammatory food. Drinking tea with honey or eating honey can relieve sinus pressure and clear constricted nasal passages and airways.

Sometimes your standard cold medicines just do not offer you the relief you need. When this happens to you, there are several alternative medicine options you can try. These remedies help strengthen your immune system and treat your worst symptoms so that you will be healthy and back on your feet in no time.


7 October 2014