Why You Should Rent A Wheelchair For Your Theme Park Visit

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Have you recently sprained or broken your foot? If so, visiting a theme park on a set of crutches can be very difficult, as this will require more work, which can make you feel a bit fatigue shortly after arriving to the park. Well, rather than deal with crutches, you may want to consider renting a wheelchair for your trip. There are many benefits to renting a wheelchair for your theme park visit as you can:

Cut Through Lines

Most theme parks do allow wheelchair visitors to bypass through their lines and enter the ride through the exit side. So, rather than stand out in the lines and put your body weight on your crutches, you may want to consider renting a wheelchair for your visit. Waiting in lines with crutches can become extremely uncomfortable, as you have a good amount of weight to support to ensure your foot stays off the ground.

Avoid Getting Tired

Walking around a theme park all day with crutches and a heavy cast can become extremely tiring, uncomfortable, and physically draining. This can easily take away from your visit, as you may want to leave early or may not have as much fun, as you are not able to fully enjoy the theme park for what it is. Renting a wheelchair will prevent you from having to carry your body around all day with crutches, which can really improve your overall visit at the park.

Keep Weight off Your Bad Foot

It can be difficult to carry your foot up all day, especially if you have a cast weighing it down. Adding weight to your foot can create more stress and pain, which can delay your recovery time. Walking around all day in a theme park is likely not recommended by your physician, which is why you should consider a wheelchair for the day. This will help you keep your foot rested, so you can have a faster and healthier recovery.

A wheelchair will not only make your trip more enjoyable, but can make your time at the theme park a bit more efficient, as you can likely use the wheelchair accessible entrance lines for rides and avoid dealing with aches and pains after your visit is done. So, to improve your trip, consider investing in a wheelchair rental from a company like Neergaard Pharmacies, rather than use your crutches all day, as this will help make your trip fun, exciting and memorable.



14 October 2014