Is Your Wife Having Cataract Surgery? 3 Ways To Support Your Spouse During Their Recovery

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Surgery to remove cataracts is a fairly uncomplicated procedure that typically takes less than an hour. Although recovering from this type of surgery tends to require less time than other procedures, it is still important to follow a few precautions during the first few days after having cataract eye surgery. As your spouse gets ready for their appointment, make sure to know these tips for helping them enjoy a comfortable recovery:

29 August 2017

Food Allergy Management Tips

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If you have developed the symptoms of food allergies, then it is important you work with an allergy doctor to determine exactly what foods you are allergic to. This is vital because your food allergies can worsen if you continually expose your body to the foods that it reacts negatively to. When taken to the extreme, food allergies can become a life-threatening problem.  To effectively determine the cause of your food allergies and reduce your symptoms, here are some tips:

2 August 2017

Keys To Relaxing When You Get A Chair Massage At The Airport


If you've never had a chair massage, one of the common places that you can find this service being offered is at the airport. Whether you're at the airport in advance of a flight or you're looking for ways to spend time during a long layover, getting a massage is one of your best choices. Not only will you get your muscles loosened up for the cramped flight ahead, but you'll also get a chance to unwind a little and reduce any tension that you may have in your body.

19 July 2017

Aortic Dissection: A Breach In The Wall

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The cardiovascular system is like a complex plumbing system that requires precise control of pressure and water supply. Physiologist David P. Swain, PhD, compared the cardiovascular system to a city's water system. The heart works as a pump to move water to the aorta, which acts as a water tower. The water level in the tower maintains pressure and sends water out through distribution pipes—arteries—to individual homes that dispense water from faucets, which are like the smaller blood vessels.

27 June 2017

Tips For Recovering From A Fractured Elbow

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If you have a child that has fractured his or her elbow, you likely want to make sure that he or she is able to recover his or her full range of motion in order to ensure that he or she is not limited in life. Here are some tips for recovering from a fractured elbow so that any permanent damage is minimized as much as possible. 1. Don't Lift Too Heavy Too Early

28 February 2017

3 Ways to Better Control Your Epilepsy

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If you have just been diagnosed with epilepsy or other seizure disorder, you are probably wondering how it's going to affect your life and what you can do to help manage your new disease so that you can limit any seizures that you may have. There are several easy things that you can do to help manage your epilepsy.  Get Regular Sleep Not getting enough sleep may trigger seizures. The easiest way to make sure that doesn't happen is to make sure that you get plenty of sleep.

17 January 2017

Do You Have To Get Rid Of Your Puppy If You Have Allergies?

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Your children's new puppy might be cute, but if you have undiscovered dog allergies, it might not seem as cute anymore. For years, people with dog allergies have avoided being pet owners, but this is not the only option now. If you have dog allergies, here is what you need to know.   Do You Really Have Dog Allergies? If you experience allergy symptoms when you are around a dog, it seems logical to deduce that you have dog allergies.

11 January 2017