When Should You Seek Psychiatric Help For Work-Related Burnout?

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Work-related burnout can affect employees in every industry, and it can severely reduce your quality of life along with your ability to function at work. You may be feeling the effects of burnout if you're constantly stressed at work, have anxiety about your job performance, or feel like what you do doesn't matter. One way that you can help treat feelings of burnout is to seek psychiatric services with experience treating patients who suffer from this condition. To learn when it's a good time to seek treatment for burnout, read on. 

Your Work Performance Is Declining

One of the worst effects of work-related burnout is that your job performance can suffer as a result. As you become more stressed at work and disinterested in the job that you're doing, you may have difficulty concentrating on the tasks that you need to get done. You may make frequent errors because of your inability to concentrate.

Unfortunately, this is often a downward spiral that makes work-related burnout even worse. As your job performance starts to degrade, you may start to receive negative performance reviews, and your job may even be at risk. This can make you even more stressed while you're at work, causing your burnout to increase. Dealing with your burnout can help you avoid this negative spiral that can but your job in jeopardy.

You Stay Awake at Night Thinking About Work

People who have work-related burnout often suffer from insomnia. They may ruminate about mistakes they made at work or experience anxiety about having to go into work tomorrow or be called in to cover someone's shift.

Insomnia can have a significant negative effect on your health, both mental and physical. A lack of sleep can cause you to experience fatigue and brain fog all day long, and it can even lead to developing health issues like high blood pressure. Psychiatric services can help you get back to a normal sleep schedule through the use of counseling and supportive medication, helping you avoid the negative effects of chronic insomnia.

You Constantly Feel Stressed and Anxious, Even Outside of Work

Work-related burnout can spread into other areas of your life as well. For example, you may have trouble enjoying yourself while you're on vacation because you're either thinking about work or dreading having to return to work after the vacation ends. When work-related burnout is significantly affecting your entire life, it's time to address the issue with psychiatric counseling.

If you suffer from work-related burnout, find psychiatric services in your area that offer treatment. Psychiatric services can help you overcome the stress and anxiety you feel about work through the use of medication and therapy. Dealing with work-related burnout early can help stop your job performance from degrading and prevent burnout from affecting other areas of your life.

Contact a local psychiatric service, such as Psyche PC, to learn more. 


20 March 2023