How To Shop At Cannabis Dispensaries For Chronic Pain

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Treatments for chronic pain are as wide and varied as they come, and cannabis is no exception. If you are turning to cannabis for pain relief, here are some things to know before you go to the dispensary for the first time.


If you are experiencing pain in a specific part of your body, topicals can be a good option for you. Topicals are applied to the skin in the form of a cream or balm. They can help to offer relief from localized pain but will not have as strong of a psychological effect.

Tinctures and Edibles

Another route for cannabis pain relief is through edibles or tinctures. These are both ways to consume cannabis. They often take a little bit longer to kick in but can be an effective way to manage general pain that lasts all day. Edibles can be a little bit more difficult than tinctures to dose but are more convenient to consume. The consumption and high experience can differ from edible to edible and between edibles and tinctures, so it's worth it to try several different types. Not all products will have the exact pain relief that you are looking for.

Smoking and Vaping

Smoking and vaping are both ways to consume cannabis by inhaling smoke or vapor. These methods can act very quickly for chronic pain but can be more difficult to use as an all-day treatment. Smoking can be more difficult to dose than vaping, but both can be good treatments for sporadic, acute pain. If you are looking for something to treat flare-ups of pain, smoking or vaping can take effect much quicker than consumables like tinctures or edibles.


CBD can often be overlooked in more traditional cannabis use, mostly because of its lack of psychological effects. However, CBD can be very effective for pain management. This can be really convenient because CBD products are more widely available than THC products. If you are using CBD products for pain, however, THC will help activate the CBD, giving it a much stronger effect.


A good thing to remember when shopping for cannabis to treat chronic pain is that you will need more specific cannabis products. Many employees will recommend something that will give the best experience, but making sure to let people know that you're shopping for chronic pain will help you to get the most personal recommendations. Even better, some dispensaries offer consultations with a doctor, especially if you have a medical card for cannabis. They can help recommend specifics to try for your specific chronic pain.

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29 November 2022