Infection Control Products: Why Offer Packages To Schools And Daycare Centers?

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Infection control products are products that usually have hygiene as their main objective. Infection control products can be anything from a toothbrush and toothpaste to hand sanitizer to soap and washcloths.

It's important to make not just the medical community aware of infection control products, but the whole community as well. This will help keep the spread of infection lower during prime cold and flu seasons and other seasons. The audience you can focus on the most is the younger children, particularly those in elementary schools, daycare centers, or preschools. Learn why promoting hygiene is important to the whole community and benefits the medical community at large. Here are reasons to promote infection control products and packages to schools and daycare centers.

You help create infectious disease awareness

Children are less likely to wash their hands after going to the restroom or playing outside. They also touch one another and themselves with less control, making them prime carriers of common illnesses and ailments. You can help prevent the spread of common childhood diseases like the cold and flu, hepatitis, hand-foot-and-mouth disease, and other diseases by allowing schools and daycare centers to have ready access to infection control products.

These infection control products can come in individual packages for students and young children to have or can be larger kits to be kept in classrooms and other areas of buildings as teachers and caretakers see fit. Include a reason for use and a how-to with all the infection control products you provide to the community.

You help keep kids out of the hospital and clinic

An empty ER and waiting room at the clinic is a success in the medical community and allows for medical staff to focus on more severe cases and more needy patients. If you can do your part to keep kids healthy when they are at school or home, you do your part to help keep the medical community from being overwhelmed during peak infectious seasons. Infection control products help keep hands and mouths clean and can make a huge impact on the health of some of the most prone community members — the children. These products can be sent home with children to share with their families so whole families can continue healthy hygiene practices.

Infection control products are often not expensive or hard to keep in stock. Keep these packages on hand so you can hand them out to daycare providers and teachers when you have community awareness events, host field trips, or deliver to schools and such on your own time.


9 May 2022