What Techniques Do Health Coaches Use?

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If you are considering going to a health coach, you might wonder what your coach will do. These kinds of coaches work with you to promote healthy choices so that you can improve your overall health and happiness. These techniques are commonly associated with health coaching, and learning more about these techniques can help you keep your expectations in check.

Health Coaches Break Resistance to Change

One of the best things a health coach can do for you is to help you break any resistance you have to change. This is done via questions that you can answer to learn more about your own goals and desires.

For example, your coach will not simply tell you that you need to eat more vegetables. Instead, they will ask you about some of the ideas you might have to improve your diet. They might say things like, "How would your life change if you added more food varieties to your diet?" or "What vegetables could you incorporate into your diet that would taste good?"

The same applies to exercise. A health coach is not going to order you to do a workout every day. They will encourage you to work out by asking questions like, "How might your life change for the better if you move for 10 minutes every morning?"

Health Coaches Focus on the Strengths

It is also important for a health coach to focus on positive aspects so that you are motivated to work toward change. Focusing too much on the things that are wrong or the things you need to address can be demotivating, so your coach will applaud you for the things you have done well.

For instance, your coach will be pleased with your dietary changes and continue promoting you to make these changes. If you make a healthy choice for breakfast, they will applaud this rather than berating you for some of your unhealthy choices.

Health Coaches Are Unique

It is important that you choose a health coach who meets your needs. Each one has a different style, and you can work with several coaches before you find one that works for you. Do not be afraid to ask questions before committing to a coach and a plan.

Meet With a Health Coach

A health coach can provide you with the information you need to move forward with a healthy life. It is important that you meet with a coach to understand motivational techniques so that you can build a healthy routine that works for you.


30 June 2021