What To Do If Your Baby Is Crying Nonstop

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A crying baby can mean a number of different things. Your baby could be tired or hungry, or it could be a medical reason why your baby is crying. As a new parent, it could be difficult to listen to your baby's cries for help, especially when you have no idea what is wrong. Your baby may have a fever, he may be teething and in pain, or he could be ill. When it's after-hours for your baby's physician, you can take your baby to urgent care if you aren't sure what may be wrong with your baby. Read on for tips to help you help your baby. 

Check For A Fever

Check your baby to see if he has a fever. Use a thermometer because just checking if your baby is warm isn't going to work - your baby is most likely hot and sweaty if he has been crying. Check for a fever, and if he does in fact have one, or even if he doesn't and is hot and sweaty, take off his clothes and allow him to cool down. Leave him in just a diaper. If he has a fever, you can give him a cool bath to see if this helps to lower his fever. If your baby is older than six months old, you may be able to give your infant some Ibuprofen to help lower his fever. Applying a cool washcloth to your baby's head and neck can also help calm your baby and cool your baby down as well.

Feel For Tooth Immersion

Feel inside your baby's gums for teeth immersion. Your baby may be teething and it could be causing a fever, or just a general discomfort for your baby. If you feel teeth beginning to emerge, or your baby is wanting to chew on your finger, give your baby a cold washcloth to chew on, a teething ring or some other type of teether. You can put a bit of Orajel on your baby's gums as well to help with teething, or teething tablets to help with pain. 

Feel Your Baby's Tummy

If your baby is constipated, his tummy may be distended or may feel hard. If your baby's belly feels this way, and you can't remember the last time your baby had a bowel movement, you should take your baby to urgent care for help. Your baby may need something to help him have a bowel movement, or he may just need some extra liquids such as Pedialyte or even water. Take your baby to urgent care to be sure of what to do and what may be wrong with your baby.

If your baby is crying non-stop, it could simply be your baby is hungry, tired or has a dirty diaper, or it could be something else. If you aren't sure and can't soothe your baby, take him to urgent care services to have him treated properly if it something medically wrong.


19 October 2020