4 Ways To Help Keep Your Child Healthy This Fall

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Now that your child is back at school, you are going to need to approach health a little differently than you did during the summer. During the fall, your child will be spending a lot of time inside with other children, exposing them to germs. Your child may also not be getting the same level of exercise that they did during the summer. There are proactive steps you can take to make sure that your child's immune system stays strong and they stay healthy throughout the fall.

Pack Your Child's Lunch

Although school cafeterias are supposed to provide students with balanced meals, the truth is, mass producing meals for that many students means that the cafeteria is going to have to use process foods and short cuts.

The best way to ensure that your child eats a healthy lunch, back your child's lunch for them. Make sure that your child's lunch includes protein and complex carbs. Give your child some greens and some fruit as well. Keep in mind that fruit can be a great dessert. Strive to give your child a healthy lunch that will provide them with the fuel that they need for the rest of the day.

If packing lunch is a challenge, prep your child's lunches at the beginning of the week. Purchase five glass containers, and fill each container with your child's lunch for the week. Set up a station with the dry goods for your child's lunch. That way, when its time to get lunch ready in the morning, you can grab the container of cold foods out of the fridge, grab an ice-pack out of the freezer, and grab the dry goods for your child's lunch. That way, in the mornings, putting lunch together will literally only take a minute.

Get Some Exercise Together as a Family

After dinner each night, take a walk together as a family. Walking after you eat dinner is a great way to get exercise and helps aid in digestion as well. Exercise will help balance your child's blood sugar level as well after they eat. This is a great way to ensure that everyone in your family gets the exercise you need and is a great way to bond and spend time together as a family.

Just be sure to bundle up with a light jacket and scarf to stay warm while walking in the chill fall weather.

Get Active Outdoors

Make sure that on the weekends, your child is still active outdoors. Don't stay indoors just because it is cool. Go for bike rides during the fall. Head to the park and play on the playground or bring some balls or Frisbee for some fun outdoor time. Fall is a great time to play outdoors, as it is not too cold or too hot outside. Physical activity can help keep your child healthy.

Teach Your Child Hygiene

Make sure that your child knows how to stay clean. Teach your child how to wash their hands and not rush. Make sure that your child knows how important it is to clean between their things and on the back of their hands. Teach your child that it is just as important to effectively dry their hands after they wash them.

Make sure that your child knows they should take advantage of every opportunity to wash their hands while at school and use hand sanitizer when washing their hands is not an option.

Keep your child healthy this fall by providing your child with a healthy lunch, stay active as a family, and make sure that your child knows the importance of hygiene. Visit a site like http://www.advocarelerchamatopeds.com for more help.


6 October 2018