Did You Just Get A Job As A Nurse? Visit A Walk-In Clinic For A Hepatitis C Vaccination

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New healthcare workers are often required to go through a variety of health tests to ensure that they aren't at risk of giving their patients any diseases. Just as importantly, they are vaccinated to ensure that they don't catch anything unexpectedly.

If you are starting your first healthcare job and are worried about the high risk of hepatitis C infection common in the field, you should visit a walk-in clinic right away to learn more about vaccination. It could protect you from infection of a potentially life-changing disease.

Hepatitis C Can Be a Silent Disease

One of the worst things about hepatitis C is that it can be a rather silent disease for a long time. A silent disease is one that shows minimal symptoms for an extended period before sudden and intense symptoms occur. For example, people with hepatitis C may go years without noticing symptoms such as fatigue, jaundice, dark-colored urine, and weight loss without trying.

These symptoms are all signs that your liver is experiencing severe damage from the hepatitis virus. In some instances, it might be a sign of irreversible damage that could last you for the rest of your life. As a result, it is smart to visit a walk-in clinic to talk about a hepatitis C vaccination. This fact is true even if you have already gotten a vaccination before.

How a Walk-In Clinic Can Help

While it is true that healthcare workers will have to go through hepatitis C screening and vaccination before taking a new job, it is still smart to talk to a walk-in clinic about this process. That's because these professionals can gauge if there were any complications with your vaccination and can give you any booster shots that may have been missed.

Just as importantly, they can check you for other problems that may have been missed in your physical. For example, they can test you for other types of hepatitis, sexually-transmitted diseases, and much more. With their help, you can fully understand your health and walk into a nursing job knowing that you aren't going to hurt anybody.

Just as importantly, you can be vaccinated from any issues that could be spread to you by a patient. The risk of hepatitis C makes it critical that you visit a walk-in clinic or a similar healthcare facility to learn more about your danger and to minimize the risk of contagion. To learn more, talk to companies like the MED7 Urgent Care Center.


4 September 2018