Effective Ways For A Company To Use An Urgent Care Center

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When you run a business, it's worthwhile to determine where the nearest urgent care center is located in relation to your physical location. You might initially question why your business can make use of an urgent care facility, but there are several different services that these healthcare organizations offer that can benefit your company. Different urgent care centers, such as Meadowbrook Urgent Care, offer different services that employers can use, so it's worthwhile to consult a couple such facilities in the area if there are multiple choices. Here are some effective ways for you to use an urgent care center.

Pre-Employment Physicals

Some companies require that their employees past a physical examination prior to officially being hired. This is common in the trucking industry, for example, as company owners need to feel confident that their truckers are physically healthy enough to be on the road for long stretches of time. Many urgent care centers can administer physicals, which is especially handy if your prospective staff members don't have family doctors of their own. Once a prospective employee gets a clean bill of health upon going through a physical examination at the urgent care center, you can move forward to complete the hiring process.

Drug Testing

Lots of companies use drug testing to assess their employees. Scheduled and random tests can be a deterrent, and also a reason to terminate someone's employment if a failed test reveals that he or she has been using illegal substances. Drug testing is common in the law enforcement industry, as well as in various jobs such as construction — in the latter scenario, an employer needs to feel confident that his or her staff members aren't under the influence of any substances when they're using potentially dangerous equipment. It's very common for urgent care centers to be able to offer drug testing, which means that if you have a center near your place of work, you can send employees over to complete their test whenever you'd like.

First Aid When Necessary

In many businesses, the risk of minor injuries is common. Although injuries can technically occur in an office environment, this is more of an issue if your employees are performing physical tasks. Having an urgent care center on hand can be ideal for addressing the first aid needs of your employees as they arise. For example, if you operate a landscaping company, an employee who gets something in his or her eye on the job, someone who is stung by multiple bees, or someone who sustains a laceration from a trimming tool can each visit the urgent care center to have a medical professional take care of their issue promptly.


5 December 2017