How Holistic Rehabilitation Can Help You Overcome Heroin Addiction

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It is extremely hard to break a chemical dependency to heroin. This drug is known for its strong hold on its users. Heroin is easy to overdose on because the drug is so potent. It directly affects your central nervous system, which is why heroin is dangerous.

The acute pain of withdrawal has heroin addicts hesitant to seek treatment. Read on to find out how holistic rehabilitation can help with overcoming heroin addiction.

Why Physical Withdrawals Are Hard To Overcome

Holistic rehab uses a natural and non-medicinal approach to dealing with physical withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms include insomnia, diarrhea, cold flashes, nausea, vomiting, restlessness, bone pain and involuntary kicking movements.

Repeated heroin use changes the physiology and physical structure of your brain. It creates long-term imbalances to your neuronal and hormonal systems, which are hard to reverse. Your brain's cells have to make adjustments to keep you conscious and alive while using the drug. It takes the cells in your brain a significant amount of to repair this damage.

For these reasons, your body finds it hard to change from needing heroin to not needing the drug. Severe withdrawal symptoms usually occur within 24 to 48 hours after your last dose of heroin. They usually stop after a week, but can last for months.

Try A Non-Medicinal Approach

Many traditional rehab centers use medication to help with detox and cravings. Some addicts will find a way to abuse the medication. Holistic rehabilitation uses non-medicinal treatment and employ various therapeutic styles. Residents of the facility are often treated with herbal remedies instead of traditional medication. They are also mostly served a diet of organic foods.

Not Your Traditional Rehab Program

Holistic treatment revolves around the idea that recovery comes from the mind, body, soul and your health. It focuses on healing each area to stop the person from using drugs. This program does not follow a traditional model, such as 12-step programs, psychotherapy and support groups. Holistic rehab focuses on the person as a whole. It can also be spiritual. You are encouraged to pray and meditate to find peace for overcoming your addiction.

Heroin addiction is well known for causing chronic relapses. It goes further than just having a physical dependency. You can lose control trying to get your next high and will get that high at any cost. This drug is highly addicted regardless of how it is administered. You can start your recovery now by getting help.

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15 November 2017