Signs It's Time To Have Your Varicose Veins Treated

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Varicose veins are veins in which the valves have become dysfunctional, causing more blood to pool in the veins and damage the vein walls. These bulging veins can be purely a cosmetic issue for some people. So, you might be able to go without having them treated as long as the appearance does not bother you. But in other cases, varicose veins can cause more complex medical issues and should be done away with through surgery or other procedures. Here are four signs it's time to have your varicose veins treated.

Skin discoloration

If the skin around your varicose veins starts to look red and inflamed, or if it begins to take on a purplish color, this is a sign you need to have your veins treated. The discoloration means that skin is holding onto too much fluid, and it can also indicate a lack of good circulation to the area.  Getting rid of the malfunctioning vein can restore better circulation and alleviate the redness before it progresses to be greater swelling and inflammation.

Pain in your legs or ankles

If you're noticing any pain in your legs or ankles, it could be because the veins have begun to put pressure on other tissues. Also, if the varicose veins are causing fluids to pool in your legs, the pain could be due to the pressure these fluids put on your muscles and the pain receptors associated with them. You can temporarily alleviate the pain by elevating your legs and taking a pain relief medication, but the only permanent fix will be having your veins treated.

Bleeding veins

If your veins start to bleed or you start developing sores near them, you should visit your doctor promptly. This is a sign that the pressure in your varicose veins is becoming way too high. It can also indicate damage to the skin around the veins due to an accumulation of fluid that the veins are not effectively removing.

Though some patients delay having their veins treated because they're afraid the treatment will be painful, this is really not something you need to worry about. Today, there are many different varicose vein treatment options, including laser-based procedures that cause only minimal discomfort. Most patients don't need more than a day or two off from work after vein treatment, and once it is completed, you'll experience freedom from bothersome symptoms like the ones discussed above.


10 October 2017