Is Your Wife Having Cataract Surgery? 3 Ways To Support Your Spouse During Their Recovery

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Surgery to remove cataracts is a fairly uncomplicated procedure that typically takes less than an hour. Although recovering from this type of surgery tends to require less time than other procedures, it is still important to follow a few precautions during the first few days after having cataract eye surgery. As your spouse gets ready for their appointment, make sure to know these tips for helping them enjoy a comfortable recovery:

Arrange for Transportation Home

Cataract eye surgery is usually performed with some type of sedation or anesthesia to keep people from moving or feeling discomfort. After the surgery is complete, the residual effects of these medications may cause your loved one to feel drowsy or dizzy. For this reason, you will want to drive your wife home, or you can make other transportation arrangements if you are unable to drive. This way, she will get home safe and not have to worry about driving.

Provide Medication Reminders

Antibiotic eye drops are often prescribed to patients after their cataract surgery to prevent infections from developing. These usually need to be used for a week, but some people may need to use them longer. Your wife's physician will provide instructions regarding how to use them properly, but she may need your help remembering to use them several times a day. Once she gets her prescription instructions, set an alarm so that you can help her keep up with when it is time to use the drops again.

Encourage Her to Take It Easy

It is important to avoid any type of activity that puts pressure or strain on the eye area for the first few weeks. Immediately following the surgery, your wife will need to avoid bending over from the waist. It is also important to avoid lifting anything heavy such as overfilled grocery bags until the eye has healed. Encourage your wife to use this time to focus on less strenuous things, such as her favorite hobbies. This way, she can avoid re-injuring the surgery site. When you go outdoors, remind your wife to wear sunglasses to protect the surgery site from wind and dirt.

Most people find that having surgery to remove their cataracts is far easier than they imagined, but it is still important to be careful during the recovery period. By making sure to support your wife by reminding her to be careful and take her medication, you can ensure that she is able to enjoy having clearer vision again.


29 August 2017