Tips For Recovering From A Fractured Elbow

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If you have a child that has fractured his or her elbow, you likely want to make sure that he or she is able to recover his or her full range of motion in order to ensure that he or she is not limited in life. Here are some tips for recovering from a fractured elbow so that any permanent damage is minimized as much as possible.

1. Don't Lift Too Heavy Too Early

The timeline will differ for everyone, but your child is going to do his or her healing efforts a lot of harm if he or she extends himself or herself too early. The reason for this is that the muscles and bone healing during the first month is not strong enough to cope with the extensive pressure of objects heavier than five pounds. Be sure that your child keeps his or her arm in a slign during the early healing phase of elbow surgery so that he or she is not tempted to use it. 

2. Eat More Than You Think

Your child will need to eat an excess amount of calories in order to make sure that your body has enough energy to heal the broken bone during the first month that his or her is healing. Talk to your doctor for the exact number of calories, but your child will need to eat above maintenance in order to heal quickly. Your child should also be taking a multivitamin during this time to supplement his or her nutritional needs.

3. Start Physical Therapy as Soon as the Doctor Gives the Go Ahead

The next thing that you need to do is start physical therapy as soon as the doctor allows for your child. In order to regain his or her full range of motion, he or she will need to start physical therapy early, while his or her bones, tendons, and muscles are setting into the new, healed positions. This will greatly increase the chances that he or she makes a full recovery.

4. Keep Tennis Balls Handy

While your child is at home, encourage him or her to consistently be squeezing tennis balls in the hand that is on the side of the elbow that has been fractured. This will greatly strengthen the arm that needs to heal. Have your child do this throughout the day, unless he or she is experiencing pain.

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28 February 2017