Does Your Loved One Have Mobility Issues? 3 Steps To Make Their Life Easier

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If your loved one has mobility issues, getting around the house can be difficult for them. Unfortunately, that can make it difficult for them to provide for their own needs. Luckily, there are some things you can do to help make life easier for them. Here are three simple things you can do to help your loved one overcome mobility issues.

Organize the Cabinets

When it comes to mobility issues, cabinets can pose serious problems. If your loved one is having a hard time accessing their cabinets, they may need to have them organized according to their mobility needs. If your loved one is confined to a wheelchair, rearrange their cabinets so that everything they need is easily accessible from a seated position. If your loved is still able to walk, but has a difficult time bending over, moving everything to the top cabinets will provide easier access to the things they need. When organizing the cabinets according to mobility issues, don't forget about the bathroom cabinets, and the bedroom closets.

Rearrange the Furniture

Furniture can pose a threat to people with mobility issues, especially if the furniture is blocking walking paths. To help your loved one navigate through the house more freely, rearrange the furniture in each room. Pay close attention to couches and end tables. If your loved one uses a wheelchair, scooter, or walker, measure the distance between pieces of furniture to make sure there's enough room to get through. It's also a good idea to look for trip and fall hazards that might be in the home, such as extension cords and area rugs. Extension cords should be placed along the wall, or behind furniture. Area rugs should be secured to the floor.

Install Bathroom Safety Devices

The bathroom can be a dangerous place for someone with mobility issues. To keep your loved one safe in the bathroom, you should install grab bars next to the toilet and in the shower. If your loved one has a hard time getting in and out of the shower, you should purchase a shower chair for them. This will allow them to remain in a seated position while they shower. It's also a good idea to place skid-resistant shower decals on the bathroom tile. This will prevent your loved one from slipping and falling when the tile gets wet.

For stairlifts and other home modifications, visit sites like If your loved one has mobility issues that are interfering with their ability to care for themselves, use the simple tips provided here to make their home more accessible. 


1 December 2016