Binaural Hearing: What Is It And How Can You Protect Your Ears?

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If you suffer from complete hearing loss in one ear and partial hearing loss in the other, you may choose to wear one hearing aid instead of two devices. However, that may not be a good idea. Having the ability to hear in both ears, or binaural hearing, can help keep you safe, as well as prevent you from losing all of your hearing abilities. Here are things that may happen if you don't wear two hearing aids and what you can do to prevent them.

What Happens If You Wear Only One Hearing Aid?

Most people experience a gradual decline in hearing in both ears as they age. One ear may be worse or better than the other ear. You may consider wearing a hearing aid on the ear with the most problems instead of wearing two devices. The unprotected ear can eventually become worse, which keeps you from hearing any type of sound, including the sounds used to make speech and music.

Your ears are designed to pick up different types of sounds at different levels and times. Your right ear helps you speak and decipher word sounds properly, while your left ear allows you to hear musical and instrumental sounds. Both ears allow you to hear noises from all directions, including behind you and from a distance.

You can improve the hearing in both ears with the right devices.

How Do You Hear Sounds in Both Ears?

In recent news, hearing specialists have introduced hearing devices that amplify sound in both ears with the use of smart technology. The technology relies on wireless and mobile devices, such as Bluetooth and smartphones, to help you hear clearer, better, and faster. Keep in mind that not all audiologists and doctors offer smart hearing devices as solutions to binaural hearing loss. You may have other options available instead, such as double, or binaural, hearing aids.

Binaural hearing devices balance out your hearing, as well as improve your speech. If you currently have problems saying different sounds like the letters "S" and "F" because you simply can't hear them, binaural hearing aids may be right for you. 

In addition, wearing binaural devices helps keep you safe when you drive or navigate noisy places, such as a busy street or construction area. The devices pick up sounds from all directions, including places that you can't see with the naked eye or that are hidden behind buildings and other structures.

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29 October 2016