Moving To A New Location But Want To Return Home To Give Birth? Backup Medical Options To Prepare For

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If you are pregnant and moving to a new location with your partner, there are some health professionals that you want to get lined up in advance. If you are planning on delivering where you live currently, and not at your new destination, and you are going to return home for a scheduled birth, it's important to have a backup plan.

A baby doesn't always come on your schedule, and instead when it's ready. You also need to make a plan for after the baby comes. Here are a few things to do before the baby comes, so you are totally prepared.

Emergency Room Preference

In case you can't make it home for the scheduled induction or cesarean, and you need to have a baby during the move or shortly after, you want to know what emergency room you should go to. Find out what hospital has the best labor and delivery center, which hospital has the best pediatric care, and where your insurance provider covers. Knowing this in advance could prevent you from walking into a disaster if the baby comes unexpectedly.


Pick out a pediatrician for your child before they are born, so you aren't trying to get in somewhere in a new location with a new baby. Instead, look at the different options that are close to your home, that gets good reviews and recommendations, and that are in your network. You may want to meet with the pediatrician in advance, to let them know where you plan to deliver, and where the birthing documents and tests will be coming from. Picking someone out in advance also helps you feel prepared when you have to get to an appointment the first week the baby is born.


The plan may be to head back to your hometown or your birthing doctor to get a 6 week checkup, but this doesn't always work out as you plan. You don't want to miss your checkup, so it may be best to find an obstetrician in the area where you are moving, so they can check you out if needed. This also will be helpful if you need to be seen immediately because of complications.

Your plan may be to go back to your hometown and have your child, and then to return for appointments when necessary, but life with a newborn doesn't always go as you hope. Have your backup options in line so you are prepared no matter what. 


11 October 2016