Three Reasons You Need a Stair Lift in Your Home

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A stair lift may not be the first thing you consider when you are starting to have trouble getting around your home, but stair lifts can be very beneficial and can help you stay in your home longer. Here are three ways to know that it's time to get a stair lift for your home. 

You're Worried About Your Independence

When you start to get older, suffer from a disability, or have other physical concerns, you can start to wonder if you can live on your own. Your independence is threatened; you may be concerned that someone needs to live with you or call in to see you regularly just to make sure you're safe or to help you get up your stairs at night. A stair lift can eliminate these fears, giving you the option of literally riding up or down your stairs when you feel weak or unable to manage them on your own. One of the best parts about having a lift is that it can be installed on a staircase with enough room to allow others to walk up or down, so it doesn't always have to be used. 

The Family Has Safety Concerns

For some, a stair lift provides peace of mind. Imagine your elderly parents living alone; you may be concerned about them falling down the stairs or being unable to get up the stairs safely to reach the bathroom or bedroom. A stair lift is an excellent option because it quickly carries an individual up the stairs without a risk of them falling. Some stair lifts offer safety restraints, like seat belts, too, so you can be sure that your parents won't fall out of the lift while it's traveling. 

You Are Considering Assisted Living

Whether you're considering assisted living for yourself or a loved one, you know that it can be expensive. Assisted-living facilities range in what they offer, and you may not be prepared to send your parent or loved one to a place where a nurse is around 24/7. For those without substantial needs other than getting up and down the stairs in their homes, getting a stair lift can keep them in their homes longer. That means they get to enjoy familiar surroundings and regain their independence without having to go to a facility. 

Whether for safety, independence, or to avoid assisted living, stair lifts are an exceptional option for families. They are affordable and able to provide a needed service without requiring major changes to the home. 


27 July 2016