When That Lump Is A Cyst

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Whenever you find a lump or bump on your body, you should examine it for signs that it is a problem. However, the human body is a lumpy, bumpy place, and if you panic every time you find something, you will spend your life looking up skin cancer and tumor pics on the internet. If you notice a bump on your head, your neck, your breasts, or other parts of your body, it may well be a cyst. You need to know the characteristics of a cyst so that you can stop overreacting but still seek proper treatment.


Cysts actually comprise sacs that are filled with a variety of substances. You can have a cyst that is simply filled with air or pus while some cysts are a combination of tissues and liquids. They can be tiny or grow to truly amazing sizes. While many are just under the skin's surface, some grow on your internal organs. They can be frightening when you first feel them, but you need to realize how common they are. In fact, most people have probably dealt with some type of cyst during the course of their lifetimes.


Since a cyst is filled with a combination of liquid and solids, it will generally "give" underneath your hand. You may even be able to dent it. Tumors are usually hard because they are all tissue. You do need to have these places checked, however, because they can become inflamed and rupture. Internal cysts can burst and release fluids into your abdomen, which can cause physical problems. Fortunately, 90% of cysts are benign. Many tumors are also benign, but the chances of them being malignant are higher than with a cyst.

Ignoring a cyst is not a good idea for several reasons. The contents do need to be checked for malignancy, but beyond that, they generally do not heal by themselves. That big bump on your head is likely to continue to grow until it looks like a horn if you don't have it removed.

Knowing that the lump you find is probably a cyst can help keep you calm until you have it checked out by a professional. If it is soft, you shouldn't worry too much. Chances are it is a harmless but unattractive growth that is easily removed. Breathe deeply and make an appointment with your dermatologist or other medical professional, such as those at Hightstown Medical Associates. You are probably just fine.



28 June 2016