Stopping Incontinence With Botox

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As an aging adult, you expect that there will be a lot of changes that you will just have to put up with from your body, but there is one change that can hinder everyday activities to the point of embarrassment, and that is incontinence. At least half of aging adults find themselves struggling with this debilitating issue, and if you find yourself in the incontinence boat with everyone else, it can definitely be a struggle. You will be faced with constant concerns of having a bathroom nearby so you do not have an accident, which can prove to be difficult in a lot of places.

Thankfully, there is treatment for incontinence, and one comes in an unusually surprising form. Botox is actually approved by the FDA as a form of incontinence treatment. So you can determine if Botox treatment for incontinence is something that will help you, it is a good idea to take a closer look at this innovative medical idea.  

How does Botox help to end the constant urges to go caused by an overactive bladder?

Botox is basically a muscle relaxing agent made up of a toxin that is similar in form to snake venom. The bladder, which is essentially a large muscle, will contract more often as you age as a response to urine in the system. Injecting Botox into the muscular makeup of the bladder can help slow these muscular contractions to a more manageable pace. In the end, this helps to reduce the urge to go that you constantly feel, which means you have more control over your overactive bladder. 

Who offers Botox as a form of incontinence treatment?

Most doctors now offer Botox injections as a form of bladder control. Even though the treatment is relatively new, its effectiveness has led to most practitioners adopting this as a safe form of treatment for aging adults who have issues with incontinence. 

How effective is Botox treatment for an overactive bladder?

Even though the effects of Botox for incontinence is not a permanent fix, it is definitely something that can help temporarily. In one study of 250 women, at least 70 percent saw a reduction in how many bladder leaks they had in one day, and some stated that the incontinence issue went away completely. 

If you are an aging adult who is always dealing with the frustrating gotta-go-right-now feeling, make sure you talk to your doctor about how Botox may be able to help you. Botox may be mainly talked about as you age because of wrinkles, but there is a good chance that after this treatment for incontinence, you will have so much more to say. For more information about the uses of Botox, visit Hass Plastic Surgery.


10 July 2015