Are Your Favorite Moves at the Gym Hurting You?

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Even if you head to the gym every week, you could be putting yourself in harm's way. Even if you do everything correctly, you could become injured lifting weights. Physical therapists know that some moves are more likely to land you in rehabilitation, and these are the ones that top the list.

1 - Bicycle Crunches

Crunches are by and far a favorite ab exercise, but bicycle crunches can have serious consequences. This is especially the case when people try to perform them too fast. Without support, the lower back can face serious tension as the body twists. This is made worse if you grab and push on your head or neck. If you are dedicated to bicycle crunches, slow it down a bit.

2 - Kettlebell Swings

While many people love the boost of strength they get from the kettlebell, it is incredibly dangerous. It involves more than just your arms, and that force may result in injuries to your glutes and hamstrings. A physical trainer should provide you with instruction before you consider adding this exercise to your routine.

3 - Overhead Squats

Your body is going to be especially challenged anytime you lift something over your head, and squats only add to the pressure. This is definitely a full-body workout, and lacking the proper mobility can add intense strain to your lumbar region, not to mention your shoulder and neck. It is always wise to have a spotter ensuring that you have proper form as you dip down.

4 - Pull Ups

Proper alignment is essential if you do not want to hurt your lateral muscles. These muscles tend to be underused, so injury is very common. Professionals recommend that you start doing pull ups using a mirror to check your form. A professional trainer can also help you prevent injury, especially when the urge to overuse your trapezoids and chest comes into play.

5 - Preacher Curls

While preacher curls are designed to work out the biceps, it can also damage other parts of the body. As your bicep muscle shortens, your shoulders are spread further apart than usual. Additionally, your core is not stabilized when you are leaning forward this way. Instead of preacher curls, many personal trainers recommend bicep curls while you are partially kneeling.

Most injuries occur in those who lack joint mobility as they attempt to perform strenuous activities. Of course, this does not stop people from pumping iron. Be careful, especially when performing these exercises, that you are not overexerting yourself. Talk to a rehabilitation expert like for more tips.


19 June 2015