3 Hidden Costs of a Whiplash Injury

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Experts estimate that approximately 1 million people are plagued by whiplash injuries each year. Whether caused by minor mishaps or major accidents, whiplash injuries can result in some serious discomfort. Most people who sustain a whiplash injury know that they can expect to pay some hospital bills, but it can be difficult to anticipate some of the more elusive costs associated with a whiplash injury.

Here are 3 hidden costs to prepare for should you get whiplash in the future.

1. Litigation Fees

If your whiplash injury was caused by the negligent actions of another person, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Unfortunately, in order to access the money you are entitled to it often becomes necessary to take the responsible party to court.

Personal injury cases can be costly, so it's important to prepare for the financial obligations associated with these court cases. In addition to paying a retaining fee for a lawyer, you will need to plan for filing fees, administrative fees, and expert witness fees if you want to mount a successful personal injury lawsuit.

2. Lost Wages

After sustaining a whiplash injury you will likely need time to recuperate before you can return to work. If you are among the nearly 4 in 10 private sector employees without access to sick leave benefits, taking time off work could mean going without pay. 

Without paid sick leave benefits, you should carefully calculate the number of days that your doctor requires you to rest in order to determine the impact taking time off work to recover from whiplash will have on your finances. Accounting for lost wages when determining the cost of your whiplash injury is important when it comes to evaluating the negative impact your injury has had.

3. Ongoing Medical Expenses

Seeing a doctor immediately after an injury resulting in whiplash has occurred is usually an expense that people plan for. What you might not be planning for is the continued cost of ongoing medical care that can be associated with a whiplash injury.

Statistics show that one-third of whiplash victims report continued paid up to ten years after their injury, and some experience symptoms for the rest of their lives. Understanding that you might need to pay for ongoing medical care to treat the symptoms of your whiplash will prevent you from being blindsided by this often-overlooked hidden expense.

Recovering from a whiplash injury can be time consuming, but it can also be costly. Recognizing that litigation fees, lost wages, and ongoing medical expenses carry hidden costs will help you better prepare to financially withstand your whiplash in the future. For more information, consult a professional like Rosser Chiropractic Center.


21 May 2015