How To Know What Kind Of Rehabilitation Services Are Right For You


If you have sustained a major injury, whether through an accident or some sort of health condition, like a stroke, you might be need rehabilitation services. Many times the doctor will recommend that you see a specialist for a certain amount of time after the injury has occurred. Here are a couple options for rehabilitation services.

1. Inpatient Programs

Inpatient programs are generally designed for people who need around the clock care, but do not need to be at a hospital any longer. Some examples of this are:

  • An elderly person who has had major surgery, such as a hip replacement, a stroke, or an accident. The individual may need help with their daily needs as well as physical therapy.
  • An individual who has had a major accident that has damaged their spinal cord. This may prevent the person from walking or doing simple tasks. In this case, they might prefer an inpatient program because the amount of therapy is so intense.
  • Those who live alone and do not have help at home. You can opt for an inpatient program if you do not have any help at home and feel that you would be unsafe to be there on your own.

2. Out Patient Therapy

Most people choose to have outpatient therapy. This means that you go to the therapist's office as often as needed, for as long as needed. You will be in charge of getting yourself to and from the appointments and you will take care of all of your needs at home.

This is ideal for someone who has a lot of help at home, who has not had a serious injury, and who is capable of taking care of their daily needs on their own.

3. In Home Therapy

For those who are somewhere in between inpatient and outpatient programs, home therapy might be the answer. In this case the therapist comes to your house and does all of your treatment there.

For this kind of therapy, you will still need to be able to care for yourself. You would be responsible for your daily needs, but the therapist can minimize the need for transportation to and from appointments. This is ideal for someone who is in the position where it is hard to travel, or does not have access to those services.

These are the three most common options for rehabilitation services. By working with your rehabilitation center, such as Hillcrest Nursing Center, you will be able to assess your personal situation and choose what is right for you. 


3 October 2014